Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quad Knitting

My very close friend is having quadruplets.  She will find out the combo of genders in a day or so.  But, I couldn't help myself and I started knitting.  I figure I will make three sets in three different colors for each gender.  I have knocked out three adorable little hats and a combination of mittens, socks, and a blanket.  I haven't found the exact right colors for the boy sets.
Right now I am concerned for how the NICU with launder the hats to make them sterile for use.  I don't know how well the yarn i chose will hold up if they use a high heat wash.  I have yet to find a site that can go into detail about what yarn material holds up best to NICU prep.

If anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate them.  This is my first time knitting for preemies.

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