Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rabbit Lovey/ Wooby

It has been cold and snowy.  It has kept us inside quite a bit.  The girls have had a hard time not going to do stuff, but it has given me time to finish my latest knit project.  I think it may possibly be my favorite item to knit.  Now I am fighting the urge to pick up my needles and start a new item.  

I used the pattern from "Itty Bitty Toys" by Susan B. Anderson for the rabbit parts. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nifty Nut House and The Spice Merchant

I had some errands to run today.  I wanted to get my husband some flavored coffee, a new coffee travel mug, and some snacks for Valentine's Day.  I know, super romantic right?  But, he is always complaining about the poor condition of his coffee mugs and flavored coffee is perfect for him.  He is trying to cut out using creamers.  So, I decided to check out The Spice Merchant and The Nifty Nut House.  You cannot visit or live here without checking these places out.  

Nifty Nut House
* This place has tons and tons of candy, dried fruit, and nuts.  It is amazing.  The staff is wonderful.  They  are attentive, friendly, and quick to offer a sample.  The store is very child friendly.  The kids of course go nuts looking at all the great temptations, but the staff has on occasion given the girls a little cup of cheddar-fetti to entertain them while i shopped.  They always have a fun new selection to go with the current season or holiday.  They have something for everyone.  Even health nuts can find great stuff here. We come here to find special candy to decorate birthday cakes, gingerbread houses, and to stuff easter eggs. It is a great place to pick up snacks before heading off to the drive-in movies.  We also shop here for special holiday treats to send to friends and family. 

The Spice Merchant & Co.
* This is a great place to find unusual or hard to find spices.  They have also carry a wide variety of teas and coffees.  You can also find beautiful teapots and cups here.  The staff is very friendly and helpful.  The shop smells wonderful, but the shelves are placed rather close together and there are lots of breakables.  The setup is not very stroller friendly and I don't consider this a child-friendly shop. 

I came home with more snacks than i set out to buy....typical of any visit to NNH.  
I got DH the mug, 1/2lb of ground Caramel Rum Crunch Coffee, and 1/2lb of Spicy Cajun Kicker snack mix.  Okinawa James is getting 1lb of habanero corn nuts and two "hotlix" insect suckers.  I found some gummy worms that look like the real deal.  I am sending those along to Okinawa too.  Surely the kids will enjoy them.  I got the girls 1lb of cheddarfetti and by the time of the picture I am sure it was down to 1/2lb.  

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quad Knitting

My very close friend is having quadruplets.  She will find out the combo of genders in a day or so.  But, I couldn't help myself and I started knitting.  I figure I will make three sets in three different colors for each gender.  I have knocked out three adorable little hats and a combination of mittens, socks, and a blanket.  I haven't found the exact right colors for the boy sets.
Right now I am concerned for how the NICU with launder the hats to make them sterile for use.  I don't know how well the yarn i chose will hold up if they use a high heat wash.  I have yet to find a site that can go into detail about what yarn material holds up best to NICU prep.

If anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate them.  This is my first time knitting for preemies.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year

this year i am determined to get on schedule and get out with the girls. there is always so much great stuff to do around here and it just seems that we miss it. i want to keep the blog updated with all the fun activities we do. hope it helps.